sugarhill containers
sugarhill containers

Maple Syrup Producers prefer Sugarhill® Containers

For over thirty years, Sugarhill Containers has been the plastic container of choice for Pure Maple Syrup producers throughout the United States. Oxygen permeation has been known to darken maple syrup, causing it to lose grade over time. Our patented technology for the Sugarhill Containers was designed to add an oxygen barrier coating on the plastic container to significantly reduce oxygen permeation. This process has been tested and proven to extend grade life. It also has the added benefits of print protection and a glossy finish. XL coating continues to grow as a percentage of total Sugarhill Containers sold.

Features of Sugarhill Containers

  • Distinctive trademarked shape that is known for quality
  • Durable plastic that will not rust or dent
  • Tamper-evident caps
  • Two attractive colors to choose from: Almond and Bennington Gray
  • Standard and Metric sizes available
  • Made of FDA approved recyclable material
  • Our patented Extended Life (XL) Coating

Our proprietary classic shape, full range of sizes, colorful printed labels, top quality, and fast delivery have made us a trusted supplier to both small and large Pure Maple producers. The Sugarhill Container line is widely available through a network of capable dealers. See our National Dealer Listing for the name of a dealer closest to you.

“Many of our customers have commented on our Sugarhill jugs. These happy people give us repeat sales which help make a happy producer”

Lee Luchenbill
Maple Acres, Kewadin, MI

Are you looking to create a distinctive custom private label?

Sugarhill® Containers offers full color pressure sensitive wrap labels and direct-to-container screen printed labels. Call today (413) 863-2222, to get started on developing a custom private label, unique to your business!

Sorghum and Sugar Cane Syrup Containers

Sugarhill Containers are widely used for packaging Sorghum and Sugar Cane Syrups. Our Traditional trademarked shape and durable food-safe materials make Sugarhill® an excellent container choice for Sorghum and Sugar Cane producers. Our Screen Printing Services offer unique and colorful branding possibilities. Click Here to visit our exclusive Sugarhill® Sorghum and Sugar Cane distributor’s web-site.

sugarhill containers

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